School Cafeteria Supplies Checklist

Make this Year Great With All the Right Supplies

In a school cafeteria, day-to-day duties range from food prep work and cooking to clean-up and food storage. With hungry kids waiting anxiously for their lunch, cafeteria employees have an important job; to feed the student population quickly and efficiently. At PFS Sales Co., we make it our mission to help make your processes smooth, which is why we’ve put together a list of cafeteria school supplies for our loyal customers in school districts throughout North Carolina.

Preparing Meals

  1. Anyone with experience in the kitchen knows that food prep work is absolutely disastrous without a proper knife for cutting. With a selection of knives and cutting tools ranging from butcher knives to bread knives, we have the perfect item for your needs. Since a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife, we strongly advise that school cafeterias invest in our two-stage manual knife sharpener that features a comfortable handle for gripping and keeps your blades sharp and ready to perform.
  2. Schools are an ideal place for germs to spread quickly, which is why sanitation is imperative for cafeteria employees working with food. Protect your staff, students, and the food you are preparing with our line of gloves & protective apparel that include aprons, kitchen hats, and hairnets.
  3. Let’s face it – kids can be messy when it comes to food. Sometimes a traditional paper napkin just doesn’t cut it, especially with foods that are more sticky. Wet wipes are an easy product to place at the beginning of the lunch line that kids can quickly grab in preparation for the meal in front of them. You’ll be thankful for them and so will their teachers and parents!

Post-Meal Cleanup and Storage

  1. The job of a cafeteria employee isn’t done after the food has been served. Luckily, with PFS Sales Co.’s great products, clean-up becomes a breeze. With deep fryer cleaner solution and griddle cleaner packets, there’s no need for your employees to tire themselves out during the clean-up process. Our products make it easy to cut through baked on oil, grime, and other leftover food. We even offer oven cleaner and other products specific to fat and grease so that you’re not spending hours scrubbing inside industrial ovens and fryers.
  2. Don’t forget about those floors! Kitchen floors often take the brunt of the day’s work, constantly being tread upon and having all sorts of food spilled on them. Keep them clean with our brooms, wet mops, and mop buckets that are great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around stoves and beneath refrigerators.
  3. Ah, the last job of the day – garbage duty. This tedious task is only made more difficult when you don’t have quality garbage bags. Many plastic bags will rip at the slightest bit of tugging or pressure, sending a mound of dirty napkins and old food onto the floor. Make sure that the garbage reaches the bins outside without breaking with the help of our high-density garbage liners that easily stretch to fit your needs.

All the Kitchen Supplies You Need to Stock Your School’s Cafeteria

No matter how big of a cafeteria your school has, we have the kitchen products you need to feed your hungry students. In addition to our kitchen supplies, we also carry a full line of maintenance equipment, cleaners, and detergents. Give us a call today at (919) 829-1116 or (800) 455-5219 for more information, or view our full catalog here.