Disposable Paper Products For Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants in NC

PFS Sales provides an easy way of giving you a better kitchen experience through our wide array of options for disposable paper and plastic products. By bringing our diversified line of more than 3,000 products into your kitchen, you’ll be able to save money while bringing an improved level of service to any customer. No matter what kind of business you run, options from PFS give you a way to simplify what you do, reduce labor, keep costs low, and bring your customers more options.

  • Pan and rack covers
  • Carts
  • Waste receptacles
  • Apparel
  • Towels

Perfect for Restaurants

When you’re running a kitchen, it’s important to have the tools you need to produce the best quality possible, and it’s important to give your customers an ideal way to enjoy your dishes. Our options for in-kitchen products include tools like carts, waste receptacles, and cold-and-hot food pans. For added customer experience, we also give you a host of products that can be used to make your customers’ in-restaurant experience as optimal as possible including choices for cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, and more.

Add Takeout Options to Your Business

PFS brings a large array of containers for any kind of cuisine. If you want to give your patrons a simple way to take food with them, our choices of portable cups, containers, and boxes mean that you can have the right container to transport any kind of food or drink without hassle. That means your customers will have less to do when it comes to enjoying their meal in your restaurant or enjoying it later, ensuring they have all the options they need for a pleasant dining experience.

Improve Your Catering

Make an impact at your next catering event! If you want to take your operation on the road, we’ve got the tools you need to bring your same great level of quality and presentation wherever you go. With our selection of options like steam-table pans, sterno, catering trays, and utensils, you’ll be able to easily improve your catering business or add a catering capacity to your business.

  • Catering trays & utensils
  • Steam-table pans
  • Sterno

Offering A Wide Range of Bar Supplies

If you need to take your bar to the next level, we give you the tools you need to make it happen! PFS Sales offers a whole host of glassware with and without logos, straws, bar accessories, bar supplies, juices, mixers, and frozen beverage supplies that improve your bar and beverage serving capabilities. That way, you can bring a better experience to your customers with less cost and effort, empowering you to bring your A-game when it comes to service.

Simplify Cleaning For Your Business

It’s easier than ever to keep your kitchen clean with options from PFS. We bring a full line of products that make it simple to not only give your customers the cleanest experience possible, but options that make it a breeze to cut cleaning time and costs. With both high and low density can liners, it’s easy to take on any size load of trash. We also bring a full line of maintenance equipment,cleaners, and apparel that simplify your kitchen cleaning experience.

  • Towels (singlefold, c-fold, multifold, industrial, household and wipers)
  • Can liners (high and low-density)
  • Cleaners, detergents and degreasers
  • Maintenance equipment, such as mats, vacuums, floor dryers, mops and Brooms

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