Seasonal Product Specials

Seasonal Specials

Thank you for your interest in PFS Sales! We’re honored to serve our customers with the most reasonable prices in the industry, but we still offer specials on many of our inventory items frequently. Check back regularly to stay up to date on our seasonal specials and never miss an offer!

CM-MP75WSWIRLZ        7.5″STARRY SWIRLZ PLATE 150/CASE    $77.32

CM-T10SWIRLZ        10OZ STARRY SWIRLZ TUMBLER 500/CASE       $51.14

EMI-RET9R        9 OZ RED HARD TUMBLER 12/20      $60.08

EMI-RET9G        9 OZ GREEN HARD TUMBLER 12/20$60.08

EMI-RET10R      10 OZ RED HARD TUMBLER 12/20    $61.01

EMI-RET10G      10 OZ GREEN HARD TUMBLER 12/20        $61.01

EMI-CC006R      6” RED PLASTIC PLATE 12/20            $75.10

EMI-CC006G      6” GREEN PLASTIC PLATE 12/20      $75.10

EMI-CC009G      9” GREEN PLASTIC PLATE 12/20      $131.43