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Products: Disposable Paper & Plastic

PFS proudly offers customers from a wide range of industries over 3,000 paper and plastic inventory items. Providing excellent customer service is our number-one goal throughout all of our operations, so we ensure consistent quality and professionalism when you work with our team to take care of all of your business’s paper and plastic needs.

We believe that giving your business wide access to a variety of products is the best way to ensure your continued success. That’s why we only bring you the best, and we do so on your terms. We listen to your needs and help you establish the right products for your business so that you can keep on doing what you do best without missing a beat. Our experts are great at understanding what you need and getting the right products to you when you need them. See a brief list of what we offer below, and be sure to ask us about needs you don’t see on the list, as we may be able to supply items not mentioned.

Our Products for the Food Service & Hospitality Industries

Keeping your customers happy is important, no matter what kind of business you’re running. That’s why PFS helps to make sure you never have to slow down when things get busy. We offer a wide variety of products for your foodservice or hospitality business that will both keep your customers pleased and keep your business running smoothly. Take a look at our host of disposable products for any business or event:

  • Cups (paper – hot & cold, plastic – soft & hard plastic, plastic stemware, baking, plastic foam, conical, paper baking, paper &
    plastic soufflé, French-fry and two-piece plastic foam)
  • Plates (pressed-paper, molded-paper, plastic-foam and laminated plastic-foam, and plastic)
  • Cutlery (light-weight, medium-weight, heavy-weight and kits)
  • Bags (brown & white paper, food, bakery, t-shirt, zip and silverware)
  • Containers (aluminum, ovenable-paper, deli, hinged, plastic, heavy-paper and plastic-foam)
  • Wraps
  • Pan covers and rack covers
  • Bowls (molded-paper, two-piece paper, plastic-foam and plastic)
  • Boxes (bakery, pizza, deli and dinner)
  • Napkins and napkin bands, wetnaps, doilies, placemats, traycovers and tablecovers
  • Towels (singlefold, c-fold, multifold, industrial, household and wipers)
  • Can liners (high and low-density)
  • Tools, such as carts, waste receptacles, and cold-and-hot food Pans
  • Cleaners, detergents and degreasers
  • Maintenance equipment, such as mats, vacuums, floor dryers, mops and Brooms
  • Apparel like caps, hats, aprons and gloves
  • Grill screens and grill bricks
  • Catering trays and utensils (aluminum-foil rolls and sheets, cling film, deli sheets, butcher paper, patty paper and tissue sheets)
  • Special-print merchandise
  • Glassware and logo glassware
  • Steam-table pans
  • Sterno, table candles and canned heat
  • Straws
  • Bar accessories, bar supplies, juices, mixers, and frozen-beverage supplies
  • Guest checks and sales books
  • Light bulbs and Air Filters
  • Food items, such as ice-cream cones and syrups, condiments, mixers and garnishes
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