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Towels & Tissue

You depend on towels and tissue as part of your restaurant or catering business, but buying the quantities you need to keep up with customer demand can get expensive. At PFS Sales, we provide unbeatable prices for these and all of your catering and disposable restaurant supply needs. With over 30 years in business, clients throughout North Carolina depend on us for personalized, professional customer service. We work with you to develop a customized plan that works within your budget. From paper towels and facial tissues to bar towels in bulk, you can count on PFS Sales to provide the convenient, cost-effective, and high-quality products you need.

Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Disposable restaurant supplies are a staple in every business, and towels and tissues top the list of items. At PFS Sales, we work with the top distributors in the industry, helping you get your essential supplies without putting a dent in your overall budget. We help you find all the disposable items that your business needs.

  • Kitchen towels for front and back of the house needs
  • Hand rolled, single, and multi-fold towels to fit kitchen and restroom dispensers
  • Toilet tissue that comes in single, double, and jumbo roll sizes
  • Boxed facial tissues for sinks and vanities
  • Miscellaneous towels and tissues, including baby wipes and feminine products

Buying from PFS Sales allows you to take advantage of discounted prices while ensuring adequate stock and regular delivery of items you use on a regular basis.

Paper Products For Catering

Local businesses depend on PFS Sales to provide them with plastic catering supplies that make planning, arranging, and cleaning up after events easier. Adding towels and tissues to your order is both cost-effective and efficient. Rather than buying these products from local stores, or assuming they will be supplied by various venues, you can ensure you have a steady stock at hand.  This helps save you time and money. Your clients will appreciate your efforts in supplying toilet tissue, facial tissues, and miscellaneous products, while paper towels ensure quick clean up of any messes.

Buy Bar Towels In Bulk

Whether you own a catering business, a tavern, or a full-service restaurant, bar towels are one of those indispensable items that are probably at the top of your supply list. Front of house servers and banquet hosts often have a bar towel conveniently tucked into their pocket or apron. Kitchen and prep workers use these towels for everything from clean up to carrying hot pans and dishes. Make sure you have a fresh supply ready at all times by ordering them in bulk from PFS Sales.

Let Our Customer Service Representatives Assist You

At PFS Sales, our customer service representatives can help you develop a customized plan to suit your restaurant or catering needs. As a trusted name in the industry for more than 30 years, you can depend on us to provide low prices on the products you use on a regular basis. Contact PFS online or at (919) 829-1116 or (800) 445-5219 to discuss how we can help meet your needs for plastic catering and disposable restaurant supplies today.

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