At PFS Sales, we’re always trying to do more to improve our services. That includes learning about new products in our industry and finding new ways to do things. This enables us to make our service even better every day. Take a look below to see what we’ve been doing, what we’ve been involved in, and more. It’s a great way to learn more about us and find our about new products and services before anyone else.

Convenient Containers With an Eco-Friendly Twist

BY 3VE Marketing ON Dec 10, 2019

When guests are at a restaurant with friends or family, they want to focus on the people, the food, and the ambiance – not the to-go container for that huge portion of chicken parmesan they couldn’t finish in one sitting. After all, it’s 2019, and most of us are starting to think a lot more […]

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Catering Delivery Supplies Checklist

BY 3VE Marketing ON Nov 18, 2019

Running a catering company is no joke. The supplies that are essential for a job well-done can be troublesome to keep in stock. Luckily, PFS Sales Co. knows the industry inside and out. We’ve prepared a list of useful items you’ll need for your next catering delivery. Supplies to Keep Your Customers Satisfied Anybody in […]

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School Cafeteria Supplies Checklist

BY 3VE Marketing ON Oct 18, 2019

Make this Year Great With All the Right Supplies In a school cafeteria, day-to-day duties range from food prep work and cooking to clean-up and food storage. With hungry kids waiting anxiously for their lunch, cafeteria employees have an important job; to feed the student population quickly and efficiently. At PFS Sales Co., we make […]

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Food Truck Supplies in North Carolina

BY Crystal Mace ON Jul 03, 2019

Without a set physical location, making sure you have all the right supplies you need to properly run your food truck business can be tricky. Unlike commercial restaurants that usually have a stockroom full of extra supplies and equipment, food truck operators have to learn how to make the most of the space they have. […]

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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist for Kitchen Managers

BY Crystal Mace ON Jun 17, 2019

If you’re a kitchen manager or a back-of-house manager of any type then you know how tedious it can be trying to keep your work area sanitary. Unlike the front-of-house staff who have to consider how their work-area looks in the eyes of the customers and have to make sure everything is polished, waxed, primped, […]

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Front of the House Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

BY Crystal Mace ON May 23, 2019

Maintaining a neat and tidy front of house is no easy feat. Unlike the kitchen and back of house staff who mainly have to worry about sanitizing and disinfecting their work area, front of house employees have to worry about the cleanliness and appearance of every single thing that a guest could possibly see or […]

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Tips for Spring Cleaning 2019

BY Crystal Mace ON Mar 20, 2019

Here at PFS, our business is helping your business, and part of that is making sure every part of your facility is clean and sanitary. With warmer weather quickly approaching, we’ve put together a list of spring cleanup tips as a point of reference and compiled them for you here. Spring Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants, […]

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Cool Tips to Stay Clean This Summer

BY Crystal Mace ON May 29, 2018

The warm weather months in North Carolina bring high, humid temperatures, increases in customer traffic, and a host of invading pests. Make sure that you have the cleaning supplies you need to stay on top of important housekeeping tasks at your home and business. The following tips are designed to help you keep things clean […]

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What You Need for the Ultimate Summer BBQ

BY Crystal Mace ON May 18, 2018

For restaurants and caterers throughout North Carolina, the summer months are synonymous with outdoor parties and picnics. Hosting the ultimate summer barbecue is a point of pride, and PFS Sales has the products you need to make your event a success. Whether you are planning a get together at a client’s home or larger affairs […]

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Do You Have the Supplies You Need for Spring & Summer Catering?

BY Crystal Mace ON Apr 12, 2018

Warmer weather brings increased opportunities for gatherings with family and friends, keeping local catering companies busy. Whether you’re coordinating picnics and graduation parties or high-end May weddings and Mother’s Day celebrations, you can count on the products at PFS Sales to supply the variety of quality and affordable plastic catering supplies you need to be […]

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