Catering Delivery Supplies Checklist

Running a catering company is no joke. The supplies that are essential for a job well-done can be troublesome to keep in stock. Luckily, PFS Sales Co. knows the industry inside and out. We’ve prepared a list of useful items you’ll need for your next catering delivery.

Supplies to Keep Your Customers Satisfied

  1. Anybody in catering knows the value of cling film and tin foil. Without the proper products to cover and protect your food, you’re putting your entire menu at risk. Keep your food safe with our range of films, foils, and wraps for proper food protection.
  2. Another food service must-have is protective apparel. From aprons and kitchen caps to hairnets and gloves, each of your employees must do their due diligence to keep the preparation, cooking, and serving environments clean and sanitary at all times.
  3. A big part of catering is food presentation. Certain items call for specific dishes and serving bowls, all of which can be found online in our online catalog. Need catering trays for appetizers, large bowls for salads, or utensils for serving? Look no further. We can even provide products from our range of petite lines, including small cups, glasses, and bowls perfect for serving even the most dainty of appetizers and desserts.
  4. For events where guests serve themselves, efficiency is absolutely crucial to keeping lines moving. Our large aluminum steam table pans are great for serving hot items and perfect for easy scooping. These pans keep food warm for guests even during larger events where lines may be longer. We also offer butane stoves for on-site preparation that may be required for some meal items needing on-the-spot cooking or reheating.
  5. When all is said and done for the day, there’s going to be food left over from any event. Whether you’re sending home leftovers with your guests or your staff, you want to be sure your containers can stand up to heavy foods without breaking or leaking. With our line of eco-friendly take-out packaging, you can package your food to-go without the guilt of using plastic items that are less environmentally-friendly.
  6. Cleaning is often the least-favorite chore of kitchen staff, making it the most dreaded part of the day. However, with PFS Sales Co., our line of cleaners and scrubbers make clean-up easy. Our products are specially designed to clean fryers and ovens so you and your staff can save time and energy. Blast away fat and grease by using our specially-formulated sprays and cleaners.
  7.  Make the last chore of the day simple and hassle-free – we’re talking about garbage duty! With our line of both high-density and low-density garbage can liners, you can choose which works best for your needs. Either way, you can feel confident that any garbage you fill the bags with will make it to the bins outside without busting all over your apron and shoes.

For any catering delivery needs you may have, let PFS Sales be your go-to team. From napkins and cutlery to serving and clean-up supplies, we have all of the products you and your staff need.

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