Why the Food Industry Relies on PFS

The food industry in all its forms can often be a thankless endeavor. Those in the industry notoriously experience long hours, big messes, unexpected issues, and unpleasable customers at times. It’s a true industry of service, on born out of the desire to welcome people around a shared table and offer a passion for cooking and good food. We at PFS Sales certainly don’t overlook those in the food industry. We’ve worked with this field for many years, striving to be a true partner and providing for our customers so they can provide for theirs. Our inventory includes a wide variety of brands, products, and equipment relied upon by food service professionals, helping them keep their operations running smooth and sanitary in an easy, dependable, and cost-effective manner. See what we have to offer restaurants and caterers below, and don’t hesitate to contact PFS Sales with questions or if you do not see a needed item on our inventory list.

For Restaurants

PFS proudly provides a range of branded products for the restaurant industry, including:

  • Paper, plastic, & foam cups
  • Paper or plastic plates & bowls
  • Light to heavy weight cutlery
  • Containers (aluminum, ovenable-paper, deli, plastic, etc.)
  • Boxes (bakery, pizza, deli)
  • Napkins & Straws
  • Placemats & tablecovers
  • Waste receptacles
  • Cleaners, detergents, & degreasers
  • Mats, vacuums, mops, brooms, & floor dryers
  • Apparel (hats, shirts, aprons, gloves)
  • Grill screens & bricks
  • Special-print merchandise
  • Glassware (with or without logo)
  • Table candles
  • Bar accessories (supplies, juices, mixers, etc.)
  • Food items (cones, syrups, condiments, garnishes, etc.)
  • Guest checks & sales books
  • Light bulbs & air filters

For Caterers

In addition to all the items above, we also provide:

  • Wraps
  • Pan covers & rack covers
  • Food carts
  • Cold and hot food pans
  • Trays & utensils
  • Aluminum foil rolls & sheets, cling film, deli sheets, butcher paper, etc.
  • Steam-table pans
  • Bags (brown & white paper, food, bakery, merch, etc.)

Contact PFS Sales toll free at (800) 445-5219 for quick and easy ordering of any item.