PFS: a Partner to Caterers Statewide

The catering industry is an important and often overlooked part of the hospitality and food service fields, but at PFS Sales, we consider caterers essential to North Carolina’s flavor. Our state knows all about great food, and it shows in our high volume of barbecuers, food trucks, and pop-up food stands. PFS has been a trusted partner of those in NC’s catering industry for years, providing many of the affordable, reliable products and tools they need to succeed on a daily basis. When you work with PFS, you get a business ally. Whether you’re a fully established restaurant needing a high volume of products delivered frequently or a start-up caterer wanting to cost-efficiently stock your operation with the things it needs to look professional and keep customers coming back, we’re here to help you keep your operation running smoothly and easily. See what we’re able to offer below.

Paper, Plastic, & More for Caterers

Though we can’t help you cook (and you wouldn’t want us to anyway), we can provide just about everything else your catering business needs, including:

  • a variety of paper, plastic, & foam cups, both hot & cold use
  • paper or plastic plates and bowls
  • cutlery
  • bags and boxes for food, merchandise, & more
  • spices, condiments, garnishes, & toppings
  • aluminum, deli, plastic, paper, or foam containers
  • pan & rack covers
  • napkins, towels, & straws
  • carts & waste receptacles
  • a variety of cleaners
  • apparel for your business
  • grill screens & bricks
  • trays & respective utensils
  • maintenance equipment
  • butcher paper, foil, and cling film
  • glassware & bar accessories
  • guest checks & sales books

Why Work with PFS Sales?

Though our prices and ease of ordering make things a lot easier for our caterers, it’s our unrivaled service that keeps them preferring PFS. Our company is proud to say we offer a 99% fill rate and a large selection of brands and goods, which is hard to find from other providers in the area, so we can almost guarantee we’re going to have what you’re looking for. When you place an order with us, your products will be delivered personally by a PFS driver, not a UPS driver, because it’s important to us to provide our customers with face-to-face attention and be on the front lines whenever they have a question or need. We’ll ensure your order is delivered quickly (often next day) and correctly so your catering venture isn’t inconvenienced. The benefits of service standards like PFS Sales’s are best experienced firsthand, so contact us today to see how the PFS team can take care of your catering needs starting today!