Our Unparalleled Commitment to Customer Service

To put it bluntly, we at PFS Sales haven’t been in business as long as we have out of luck. Our continued success is a testament to how we run our business. We built our company on core values and principles that still govern how we conduct our operations today, and all our endeavors are executed with one top priority in mind: the satisfaction and success of our customers. It’s pretty obvious to say that without our customers, we have nothing, but it’s a fact that we keep at the forefront of our minds every day that motivates us to always try harder and do better, to take the extra step or find a new approach that improves the experience of our customers. We’re now able to say we have a long list of loyal customer relationships, and it’s thanks to our dedication to our number-one priority. See what we believe makes PFS Sales a leader in customer service in our industry below.

  1. Reliability. We’re known for having a 99% fill rate as compared to many of our competitors who come in at around 93% consistently. Those we work with come to us because they know they can count on PFS to have what they need when they need it, and they can’t afford any less when running their own fast-paced businesses.
  2. Personal Service. Wherever possible, we rely on our own trained and experienced drivers to get your items to you safely and promptly. This way, we know exactly what happens to your items while en route and we can personally greet you when they arrive.
  3. Accessibility. Though our headquarters are in Raleigh, we’re a trusted distributor all over the state of North Carolina. Our representatives can be found in many areas.
  4. Experience. We’ve been in business since 1988, and in today’s world, that’s saying something. With almost 30 years of supplier-customer relationships under our belt, we know quite a bit about service and what customers want and need.
  5. Trained Personnel. We only hire the best so that we can perform the best. Our team is knowledgeable, trained, and committed to our joint mission. You can count on our professionalism on the phone, in person, and from afar.
  6. Easy & Fast Ordering. We know that those we serve are busy serving others, so we strive to keep all of our processes simple and fast. Order over the phone or here on our website in hardly any time, hassle-free.
  7. Brand Diversity. PFS Sales’s inventory features a wide variety of well-known brands, perhaps the biggest selection in the area. Our customers are sure to find exactly what they need in our list of products they’ve come to trust.
  8. Industries Served. From the food service industry to the hospitality field and from day cares to universities, we’ve supplied products, equipment, and more to a highly diverse range of organizations. We know exactly how they operate and what they’re looking for, which gives us an edge when they need a truly dependable distributing partner.

Convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Choose PFS Sales as your supplier today and find out why we have one of the longest-running and most-trusted reputations in North Carolina’s distribution industry.