Must-Have Items For Clean Kitchens

When you own a restaurant or manage a commercial kitchen, you know just how quickly a perfectly clean kitchen can turn into a dirty mess. From cooking grease splattering across the counters and walls to accidental spills on the floor, you need commercial cleaning supplies that can take the heat. 

For years, PFS Sales Co. in North Carolina has provided customers throughout the state with the supplies they need to keep their spaces clean for their employees and their customers. If you’re forgetting an item on your list that you need to prepare your cleaning staff, we’ve got you covered with our list of must-have items that every commercial kitchen should have.

  1. Oven Cleaners – Your oven sees far too many orders each day and night to not have a decent oven cleaner. Our products work wonders on greasy ovens by working out the food stains that you’d ordinarily have to spend hours scrubbing away.
  2. Kitchen Appliance Degreasers – Butter, oil, sauces – when your kitchen is filled with these hard-to-clean ingredients at the end of a busy work day, you need tough degreasers that can restore the cleanliness and shine to your commercial appliances. 
  3. Cookware Soaps – Not all pots and pans require the same level of care and attention as others. If you have cookware that needs special cleaners to gently remove cooked-on food and grease, our cookware soaps are here to meet your needs.
  4. Trash Can Liners – There’s nothing worse than cleaning an entire kitchen just to have your weak trash can liner break open and release its contents onto the floor. The liners PFS carries are strong enough to transport garbage to the dumpsters without making an even bigger mess for your employees.
  5. Floor Maintenance Supplies – Your floor experiences perhaps the most intense wear and tear in your commercial kitchen, which is why taking care of it is crucial. Not only do our mops, brooms, and vacuums do a spectacular job of cleaning up, but our non-slip mats and floor dryers also create a safe area for your staff to work without risk of slipping and falling.

Call PFS Sales Co. For All Your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Needs

PFS Sales Co. in North Carolina has everything you need to keep your kitchen clean and your business running smoothly. After all, without a clean kitchen, your food, your customers, and even your employees are at risk. To keep your cooking space a tidy area day after day, contact PFS Sales Co today to learn more about our products and our low prices.