Food-Service Supplies for Bars, Caterers, Restaurants, & Food Trucks in Greenville, NC

Making sure your restaurant, bar, food truck, or catering business is properly stocked with everything needed to serve your hungry customers is no menial task. A big part of successfully running a business that serves food or drinks lies in finding a vendor that can provide you with all of the supplies you need, at a price that fits in your budget. PFS Sales Co. has been partnering with local businesses in the Greenville area to bring them the janitorial, paper, and plastic products they need for over 30 years.

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Greenville, NC


Environmentally Friendly Disposable Paper & Plastic Products for Greenville Bars, Bakeries, Food Trucks, & More

With more people becoming aware of the impact our habits have on the world around us, it’s important to make sure that the products you use at your establishment are as environmentally friendly as possible. From plastic products made from recycled materials to compostable and biodegradable paper products, we’re committed to helping you lessen the impact your Greenville business has on the environment.

Providing Unmatched Service to Customers Throughout NC

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Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all the products you need to continue serving your customers day in and day out. We stock a wide range of products of all types to make sure you never run out of the supplies that your Greenville, NC business requires.

Reliable Product Distribution & Service You Can Count On

When you choose PFS Sales as your provider of high-quality restaurant supplies, you can rest easy knowing that your orders will make it to you on-time and intact. Our dedication to developing personal relationships with our partners ensures we’re able to provide services that are custom-tailored for each of our customers, while our extensive inventory of both name-brand and “house” brand products offers pricing options for all types of budgets.

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Excellent Prices & Always Deliver

“We get great service at Raleigh Little Theatre from PFS! They have excellent prices and always deliver what they say they will”

— Charles P.

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“The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend their service to anyone in the industry.”

— Eric D.