Food & Merchandise Bags & Can Liners

Bags make life easier for your customers by giving them an easy way to wrangle any kind of load with minimal effort. This is great for situations such as carrying food to go, carrying any amount of merchandise after a sale, or packing things up for easy accessibility. PFS Sales brings a full selection of bags that can add to your business so that you can give your customers the best experience yet while saving money.

Bags for Any Business

Our bag options are great for any situation you or your business might require. Whether you need an answer for transporting food or merchandise, we have you covered. Our bags cover a wide range of situations you might need to address, giving you the most flexibility possible. From white paper bags to bakery bags, we can ensure your customers have the best option possible for transporting their food or products.

  • Brown paper bags
  • White paper bags
  • Food bags
  • Bakery bags
  • T-shirt bags
  • Zip bags
  • Silverware bags

Options Perfect for Food or Merchandise

When you’re looking for a way to transport food or merchandise of any kind, a bag is the best way to do it. With PFS bag options, you get a low-cost answer to your bag needs that gives you the power to pick the right option for what you need. Our options are great no matter what the occasion or what you need to bag. Not sure what kind of bag would make the perfect addition to your business? One of our experts is always happy to help you find out which option best meets your needs.

Can Liners for Every Load

If you’re looking for a better way to address waste, think about can liners from PFS sales. Our can liner options are a great addition in any industry, and we offer options that perfectly fit your needs no matter what container you’re trying to line. Because we offer a wide range of sizes to choose from, that means we’re your one stop shop whether you’re buying liners for waste bins, customer trash cans, or high-load trash cans. Low-density liners are a perfect, easily affordable option for traditional trash needs

Liners That Hold up Under Pressure

Our high-density trash liner options give you a reliable way to safely handle any heavy load of trash without the fear of bag tearing that usually results from inferior bag quality. Our bags have the strength to stand up against heavy weight and sharp objects. That makes them your perfect addition no matter what industry your business is in. Our bags apply to a large range of different sizes. That’s makes high density bags perfect if your business regularly produces heavy trash loads. This gives you the ability to keep working fast without the worry of torn bags and the spills they cause.

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