Host A Summer BBQ Event With PFS Products

When summer comes around, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than by throwing a barbeque. Whether you want to thank your hardworking staff at your restaurant or bar for being valuable employees, or you are interested in hosting a networking event to drive more customers to your business, a summer party with food, drinks, and fun can never go wrong.

At PFS, we love helping our customers get exactly what they need to make their business operations run smoothly. For a summer barbeque event, whether it’s for outside customers or just you and your employees and family, there are some must-have items you’ll need to make the day fun and enjoyable for everyone:

  1. Cleaning Products – There’s nothing worse than trying to clean up an outdoor event only to realize that someone forgot to pack garbage bags and cleaning supplies. At PFS, we carry a line of cleaning products that will make your life easier when it is time to wrap up the party. With sturdy garbage bags that can hold sufficient weight and paper products that make wiping up blobs of barbeque sauce a breeze, we have everything you need to leave the venue just as clean as when you found it.
  1. Takeout Containers – At a casual BBQ, there’s generally not going to be anyone waiting tables or refilling beverages. Therefore, our large serving trays and utensils are perfect for people to help themselves in a buffet line and enjoy delicious food that has been kept at the proper temperature. Plus, our excellent eco-friendly takeout supplies make it so much easier for your guests to take some extra potato salad or a few more cookies with them when they leave.
  1. Spices & Accessories – PFS is so much more than paper products. We also carry a selection of coffee, spices, and accessories to make the day memorable. Give your guests the opportunity to test one of our Torani syrups in their coffee, or end the day with ice cream served in a crunchy, sweet cone. We have just what you need to make your event shine.

Call PFS Today To Plan Your Company’s Summer BBQ in Raleigh, NC

At PFS, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and quality products. With a high buying power, we are able to offer a wide range of products to our customers for lower prices than you’d find at a typical grocery store or wholesale supplier. Plus, we live to make your life as a business owner easier, which is why we work one-on-one with you to ensure your needs are always met. 

If you are interested in learning more today or need to plan your summer BBQ in North Carolina, give our team a call today!