Convenient Containers With an Eco-Friendly Twist

When guests are at a restaurant with friends or family, they want to focus on the people, the food, and the ambiance – not the to-go container for that huge portion of chicken parmesan they couldn’t finish in one sitting. After all, it’s 2019, and most of us are starting to think a lot more about our carbon footprint, which includes the amount of plastic and other environmentally damaging materials we use every day.

Here at PFS, we think it’s time the container industry starts doing its part to help. That’s why we are proud to showcase our line of recyclable, disposable, and eco-friendly offerings.

  • No matter whether you need to-go containers for prepared meals or to wrap up leftover food for carry-out, we’ve got you covered. With our square-shaped single compartment greenware containers, you can stack food high for your busy on-the-go customers in both hot and cold temperatures. Durable, heat-sealable, and able to be shrink-banded, you can feel confident that any food stored in this container will stay fresh even after being opened and closed multiple times. With 50% of the container made from post-consumer recycled bottles, you can also feel better about purchasing a product that is more environmentally-sound than your average plastic container.
  • When it comes to cleaning kitchens, especially those in restaurants, school cafeterias, or other commercial settings, it can be hard to get a thorough clean without using exorbitant amounts of water and toxic, chemical-based cleaning products, which are often harmful to both the environment and to the people handling them. Why not use a greener solution like Earth Force’s Kleenall All-Purpose Cleaner? This cleaner is listed on the EPA’s Safer Choice Program, helping you reach the peak cleanliness you strive for in your kitchen while also serving as an environmentally-friendly alternative.
  • For messes involving heavy dirt and grime build-up, try our Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer. Designed to save time and energy on labor, the sprayer covers more surface area and is able to clean with much less liquid than a normal sprayer. For even more effectiveness, pair it with a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaner.
  • Looking for a product that can handle both wet and dry messes on floors? Look no further than the Bissell Manual Commercial Sweeper. A tool that doesn’t require electricity, batteries, or any other energy source to function, this sweeper is a great cleaning solution for restaurants that need a quieter alternative (rather than a loud, rumbling vacuum) to clean spills around guest tables. With a comfortable grip that’s easy on the hands and soft rubber wheels that can work on a variety of surfaces, the sweeper expertly cleans dry or wet messes on both carpet and hard flooring.

Call Our Experts to Learn More About Our Eco-Friendly Alternatives

With access to a multitude of eco-friendly cleaning tools and greenware containers, PFS is here to help keep your business stocked with the products you need while simultaneously doing our part to care for the environment. If you would like additional information on the environmentally-sound contributions we are making to the container industry, or you would like to learn more about a particular product and how it can work for you, give our team at PFS Sales Co. a call today at 919-829-1116!