Food Truck Supplies in North Carolina

Without a set physical location, making sure you have all the right supplies you need to properly run your food truck business can be tricky. Unlike commercial restaurants that usually have a stockroom full of extra supplies and equipment, food truck operators have to learn how to make the most of the space they have. That starts with selecting a food truck supplier that can provide you with the personalized and professional service you need in order to make sure your truck is stocked with all of the necessary supplies and equipment.

Food Truck Supplies For Your Customers

To-Go Plates, Trays, Bowls, & Bags

With no rewashable plates or tables, make sure you provide something for your guests to actually eat off of! With a full selection of plates, trays, bowls, and more, you have plenty of different options to choose from. We also carry plastic to-go bags as well as white and brown paper bags if you prefer paper to plastic.

Disposable Cups & Containers – Styrofoam, Paper, and Plastic

Eco-friendly plastic cups, styrofoam cups, and paper cups are all good options for helping to keep your paying customers hydrated. We also have plenty of paper, plastic, and styrofoam containers of all shapes and sizes.

Napkins, Straws, & Cutlery

From napkin dispensers to plastic cutlery kits, we have everything you need to properly equip your truck with all of the proper supplies your hungry customers need to finish their meal. We even have environmentally friendly options like eco-friendly, compostable cutlery and paper straws.

Food Truck Supplies For You & Your Staff

Film, Foil, & Wraps

Cling film and foil are always needed for covering things like hot pans and warming trays. We carry a wide variety of different wraps, plastic films, and film/foil dispensers to make your job easier.

Gloves & Protective Apparel

Things like gloves and hairnets are required by law to help ensure that your employees don’t accidentally contaminate the food as they prepare it. If your food truck gets hit with an inspection and your staff isn’t equipped with the proper protective apparel, then you can expect heavy fines and stricter inspections in the future. Let us help prevent that.

Spices & Sauces

No matter what you’re cooking up in the truck, chances are one of the recipes is going to call for a spice or sauce of some sort. From classic Texas Pete Hot Sauce to various spices from all over of the world, we’ve got the spices and sauces you need to add a little extra flavor to your dishes.

Insect Spray

With food trucks being more exposed to the outdoors than traditional restaurants comes the potential for more bug problems. Flies and other pests love to hang around and cause a nuisance for both your workers and your patrons, so make sure and keep a can or two of insecticide around for those annoying flying critters.

North Carolina’s Premier Food Truck Supplier

For over 30 years, PFS Sales has been delivering quality products to restaurants, bars, bakeries, and caterers. From disposable paper and plastic products to cleaning supplies and spices, we can provide what you need to keep your food truck operating smoothly and your customers happy. If you’re interested in partnering with PFS Sales, get in touch with us today to talk to a representative about what we can do for you.