PFS Sales Provides Plastic Catering Supplies For Your March Madness Event

Millions of people will be glued to their television sets for the NCAA March Madness tournament, pfwhich will feature two of the top teams in North Carolina. With Duke and the University of North Carolina vying for the national championship, caterers, as well as restaurant and bar owners, will want to be ready for the crowds that are sure to follow. At PFS Sales, we offer a large selection of plastic catering supplies to make hosting large numbers of sports fans easier and more efficient than ever. March Madness is right around the corner, so don’t delay. Stock up now on the items you need to be prepared.

Plastic Catering Supplies Make Take Out Easy

According to Variety, the 2017 March Madness game in which the North Carolina Tar Heels beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs attracted more than 23 million television viewers, surpassing the previous year’s ratings by more than 30 percent. 2018 is likely to be an even bigger year, particularly in our area, as UNC and the Duke Blue Devils are both considered top contenders once again.

Throughout the state, there are sure to be plenty of basketball fans hosting game viewing parties, and you want your business to be in a position to capitalize on these events. Whether you anticipate providing for a crowd or simply plan on an increase in to-go orders, PFS Sales has the plastic catering supplies you need to create happy customers and repeat business. We offer quality products that come in a variety of sizes and colors, competitively priced to fit easily within your budget. Our popular Tripak brand line of containers offer the following features:

  • Microwavable, dishwasher, and freezer safe;
  • Sturdy construction and sealed lids to keep products fresh and free from spills
  • Stackable and easily portable from one location to the next
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors to improve food presentation.

Plastic Plates, Cups and Other Bar/Restaurant Supplies

As local bars and restaurants prepare for the crowds that are sure to come for March Madness televised tournaments, serving large numbers of guests quickly and efficiently is a top priority. PFS Sales has the containers and cups you need to make clean up easy, without having to sacrifice on presentation:

  • Sleek, sturdy Tripak plates that come in traditional sizes and compartmentalized designs, giving you options in serving regular menu items along with customized game day specials
  • Preassembled, disposable plastic knives and forks that come wrapped in linen quality napkins, letting you eliminate prep time and reduce labor costs without compromising on quality
  • Plastic Solo and Dart translucent cups, providing an easy, economical way to serve all your customer’s favorite beverages.

At PFS Sales, our mission is to provide high-quality products and outstanding client support, helping you make the most of your business. To find out how we can help you prepare for March Madness events, call or contact us online today.