Do You Have the Supplies You Need for Spring & Summer Catering?

Warmer weather brings increased opportunities for gatherings with family and friends, keeping local catering companies busy. Whether you’re coordinating picnics and graduation parties or high-end May weddings and Mother’s Day celebrations, you can count on the products at PFS Sales to supply the variety of quality and affordable plastic catering supplies you need to be prepared.

Planning For Spring Parties and Catering Events

With the end of the school year right around the corner, many of your clients will be planning graduation parties for their children and other young people in their lives. Whether the celebration is for graduation from a local high school or college, you want to plan an event that both the host and the guest of honor will remember fondly in the years to come.

HGTV offers an abundance of catchy themes that capitalize on current trends for events that will impress both guests both young and old. Along with the practical plastic catering supplies you’ll need for these events to deliver and maintain food quality, PFS Sales offers coordinating tableware to attractively accent the decor. Among the many graduation catering products we feature are:

  • Steam table pans and catering trays to make food transport easier
  • Styrofoam, paper, and plastic cold cups in sizes to accommodate a range of beverages
  • Larger jugs and containers for holding party punches and sweet tea
  • Disposable plates and bowls, in a range of attractive designs and colors
  • Knives, straws, and cutlery, including timesaving pre-assembled sets with linen look napkins
  • Bags, liners, to go boxes, and towels for making clean up a breeze

Your One Source For Wedding Catering Supplies

In addition to plastic catering supplies for parties and picnics, PFS Sales also offers the high-end products you need to make even the most lavish wedding a success. According to The Knot, the late spring and the summer months are among the busiest of the year for wedding planning. As a trusted resource for caterers through North Carolina for over 30 years, you can depend on PFS Sales to provide the selection and quantity of items you need to make your clients wishes for their dream wedding a reality. The following are just a sampling of the many products we feature for wedding catering:

  • Molded fiber and Chinet brand paper plates, platters, and bowls in complimentary colors to accent decor, with durability to stand up to even the heaviest food buffet items
  • Hard plastic cold cups, tumblers, and champagne flutes for toasting, which are both practical and elegant
  • Linen look dinner napkins and heavyweight cutlery sets in different styles and colors, including black, white, and silver
  • To go boxes and cake containers to make food transport easy while accommodating guest needs

Let PFS Sales Help With Your Spring and Summer Catering Needs

At PFS Sales, we’re your premier distributor of plastic catering supplies in the North Carolina area. Call or contact our professional service representatives online today to discuss the products you need and how we can help make your upcoming events a success.